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Lookup anyone's Arrest Records from different sources - DPS, inmates, Jail including pictures and offenders in your area. Search anyones Arrest Records, Felonies, Criminal & Traffic Records, Nearby Sex Offenders, Court Records & Detailed Personal Information. Instant access to Federal, State, County, City & Municipal Records

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Arrest Records

Just search a name and see if almost anyone in the United States has a criminal record Our Criminal Records Database contains real crime data from (F.B.I.) and other agencies for the United States. An arrest record is a report made after someone is detained by the police. We compile detailed criminal/arrest records reports that could lead to you finding shocking information about the person you searched.

Our goal is to provide easy online access to Arrest Records information in a fast, safe, and affordable manner. Accessing Arrest Records is a very simple process, and an entire, detailed report is available in as little as five minutes. Simply fill out the person\'s information (first name, last name and location) and allow prompts to guide you through the rest of the process. After several minutes of pulling Arrest Records and other information from a variety of different sources, the report is ready to be viewed.



Searching for arrest & criminal records is easy with us. We compile detailed criminal records reports that could lead to you finding shocking information about the person you searched.


Use Criminal/Arrest Records Searches to find:

  • Felony Offense
  • Misdemeanor Offenses
  • Traffic Court Records
  • Nearby Sex Offenders
  • Court Information
  • Detailed Personal Information

Details what you could find in somebody’s arrest or criminal record:

  • Personal details, including a full name and location of the crime/arrest
  • Offense date
  • A location where the crime occurred
  • Charge category
  • Offense description
  • Case number
  • Court Name

We aggregate public records from 50 states and get access to arrest/criminal records in minutes.

Search anyone's

  • Arrest Records
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Lawsuits
  • Marriage Records
  • Court Records
  • Phone Numbers
  • Firearms Licenses
  • Address History
  • Mugshots

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It helped find members of my graduating class for a 40 year reunion- Bob

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ABOUT is one of America\'s most trusted background checking services. We've helped thousands of Americans reconnect with family and friends. Our service also provides people with an easy way to look up criminal records online. We scan hundreds of millions of available public records, social network data, and more to provide you with an in-depth report about the person you want to find. Results may include arrest records, contact information, address history, online profiles, and more.


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