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This site has the simple promise that you can “Find Anyone. Anywhere,” but the reality is that although it’s an easy to use search engine the results are more limited than from its competitors.


A very welcome aspect of this site is that the minute you visit it you are immediately greeted by a large search box that asks you for the personal details (name and address) of the person you are trying to search. And you can also select to perform an advanced search that gives you even more options to help refine your search and get you the information you’re looking for.

One great feature about this site that you’ll see pretty quickly when using it is that it will allow you to delete any records that it might find about you online. offers a very simple process for its registered users to opt out of having their public records discoverable through the website, although you can only do this via the website and not by fax or mail. This is ideal if your goal is to find out what information is available about you online and to hide it.

This site also takes great care to ensure that your privacy is protected, making it impossible for anyone to know that you’ve searched for them or for anyone to see your search history. That can be great if you need complete assurance that you are able to browse anonymously.

It’s also relatively cheap to use this site compared to other search engines, but there’s a tradeoff because you have to register and you’ll be charged a fee if you cancel your membership. This is an unfortunate expense that other websites don’t ask you to pay when you quit.

And there’s no 24-hour online support available, instead you have to email customer care of call a toll-free number that is only open from 7am to 6pm PST Mondays through Fridays and from to 3.30pm Saturdays and Sundays. This can be problematic if you need to get in touch with customer support quickly but your problem occurs outside of those hours, because there won’t be anyone available to help you until the customer care center opens.


After using and exploring, it’s clear these are the main pros and cons:

  • Pros

    • The subscription fee is lower than for other records search sites
    • It’s easy to delete your search history on this site, and searches are encrypted
    • Offers a way to get records about yourself deleted from’s archive
  • Cons

    • The membership cancellation fee is an unnecessary cost
    • There’s no live support online, which can be annoying if you have an urgent problem
    • Searches are more limited than other sites, and don’t include the dark web


Overall this site is a perfectly adequate middle ground that balances all the various factors such as the scope of searches, the cost of subscribing, and the extent of customer service support. It doesn’t excel in any of those categories but it also isn’t terrible in any of them either. Consider it a decent all-round search engine with good results at a relatively affordable price.

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