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Our goal is to provide easy online access to Sheriff information in a fast, safe, and affordable manner. Accessing Sheriff is a very simple process, and an entire, detailed report is available in as little as five minutes. Simply fill out the person's information (first name, last name and location) and allow prompts to guide you through the rest of the process. After several minutes of pulling Sheriff and other information from a variety of different sources, the report is ready to be viewed.

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  • Lawsuits
  • Marriage Records
  • Court Records
  • Phone Numbers
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  • Address History
  • Mugshots

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I found out my boyfriend was actually married. I dumped him before I got any deeper into a relationship - Kim

The information provided has made a huge difference in my pursuit for personal closure and accountability to specific individuals - Melissa

Able to track down someone I lost track of 15 years ago that was unable to locate on 2 other sites!!! - Steven

It helped find members of my graduating class for a 40 year reunion- Bob

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Our Top Sheriff and Police Records Search Site

We offer detailed reviews of the leading background check and public records sites, so click on each site to read more about what you can expect when using them.

Below are the top three websites as hand-picked by our experts. They offer the absolute best combination of ease of use, quality of records, and other beneficial features. Each score is ranked on a score of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the very best in public records sites based on our criteria and experiences in performing searches on all three sites.

Our goal is to help you save your money and your time, simplifying your public records search so you can get the information you need quickly and at an affordable price. We believe the three sites below offer the best mix of quality of data and value for money.


  • 01 Editor Choice
    Score 9.8

    Incredibly accurate results that includes dark web searches, social media searches, and more

    Comprehensive website with easy to use interface, making for a pleasant searching experience


    • Intuitive interface
    • Dark web scans
    • Social media scans
    • Detailed results
    • Accurate records



    The most detailed results, though at a price. Still, the high quality of information is worth the premium

  • 02
    Score 9.5

    A simple and easy to use website that has the benefit of allowing you to make a one-time use

    But some of the search capabilities are limited, the reports you get won’t include details on someone’s social media profiles and other usage


    • Very simple interface
    • A+ BBB rated
    • Very detailed and accurate reports
    • Up-to-date background check service. Worth every penny if you're looking for an accurate background check.



    Affordable searches but you’ll miss out on some key information, particular their past and current use of social media

  • 03
    Score 9.0

    Allows for you to use encrypted searches, helping to keep your identity a secret

    Yet you won’t get any results about a person’s use of social media, which can be a major limitation


    • Compared to other sites the subscription fee is low
    • Easy process for encrypting or removing your search history



    A good all-round website that strikes a balance between affordability and quality of results

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