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A visit to gives you the chance to obtain some of the most detailed public records information results online, although you’ll pay a premium for this service.


The site greets you with a design that is clean and intuitive, although the fact that customer recommendations are the very first thing you see across the top when you visit is a distraction. But if you scroll down very slightly you’ll be greeted with a prominent search engine box that asks you for all the usual details including a person’s name and their location.

Searches can sometimes be a bit slower when you compare them to other records websites, but that might be because is diving into so much information.

Indeed, the sheer scope of the records that this site searches through is somewhat breathtaking. Not only does it search the typical databases that include things like birth and death records, criminal and other arrest, and traffic records, and more, but it also trawls a host of additional resources that other sites tend to miss. This includes social media profiles, dating profiles, and even a dive into the dark web to uncover every last piece of information.

Of course, all this wonderful extra information comes at a price and you can expect to pay more for using this site than when you pay for one of its competitors. offers a range of membership packages, meaning you’ll have to sign up for one of them to use the site. And the price varies depending on which package you choose. But generally you should expect to pay a few dollars more for this site in exchange for the most detailed information available.

Pros and Cons


  • Searches the dark web, a feature most other records sites don’t have
  • Also trawls social media to get you even more information
  • The results you get tend to be very detailed and accurate
  • The simplistic site design is incredibly easy for anyone to use


  • The site is somewhat new so its future is not necessarily guaranteed
  • Overall search speeds can be a bit slower than competing records sites
  • You can expect to pay more using this site compared to other search engines
  • There are fewer options for how to pay when using this site


When you use you’re guaranteed to get excellent and in-depth results based on a search of perhaps the broadest possible range of resources. This type of detailed information can be harder to get on other websites that search fewer records databases.

However, all of this extra information comes at a price and you can expect to pay more for using this site than from some of the cheaper, albeit less thorough, records search engines. But if you’re willing to pay a little extra and can afford it, this site is a great all-round choice.

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